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Indian Government uses Evolis printers for personalization of health cards

November 2008 by Marc Jacob

Evolis, European provides solutions to the Indian Government for decentralized production & distribution of health cards.

The Indian government has implemented a new healthcare access scheme for 60 million Indians living below the poverty line. This scheme provides members of a family living below the poverty line to benefit from health insurance to the extent of 800 US dollars per year, based on a health card distributed to each household.

The Evolis Pebble printer was first integrated with the card production & personalization software. Then it was provided to Insurance companies and Third Party Agents to fulfill the technical requirements of producing and delivery cards in a decentralized way. The project has already seen the deployment of 300 Pebble color printers in India with personalization of approximately 800,000 cards within a few months.

This scheme will gather speed in the next few months with the deployment of close to 700 additional Evolis printers before the end of 2009 to personalize health cards.

A sophisticated health card, delivered instantly

In this scheme, beneficiaries will get directly in their villages and towns, a card with their biometric (fingerprints) and personal status information. This smart card, on which the medical records as well as the treatment benefits obtained will be listed, allows the hospitals, the government and the insurance companies in the program to have precise visibility on medical care provided.

On the field, government agents and technicians will move from village to village to identify the recipients. After the end of the identification phase, a smart card, personalized graphically and electronically, is given instantaneously to the beneficiary thanks to Evolis printers. This mobile application was made possible thanks to the close collaboration of the Indian government, insurance companies, local system integrators and strong contribution from the Evolis country partner in India, Rajpurohit Cardtec Pvt Ltd.

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