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Multi-functional contactless campus card with LEGIC technology

November 2008 by Marc Jacob

Identification, access authorisation and time & attendance are standard with every e-card system. The extended solution of the University of Bozen/Bolzano also includes an electonic payment system, a library card, printing and copying card as well as internet access, a voting card and much more, depending on requirements and wishes. Contactless LEGIC technology makes this possible and allows for an unmatched variety of different applications on one single card.

Since the Free University of Bozen was founded – it celebrated its 10th anniversary last year – everything from the network to the server and PCs right through to the software to support the internal departments has been designed in-house and implemented by the university’s own I&CT department. A unique and comprehensive project is the introduction of a multi-functional smart card based on LEGIC technology. Based on two sector solutions – access control and time & attendance by Interflex as well as electronic payment system by Automaten Seitz – the Free University of Bozen has developed an additional range of solutions which have been seamlessly integrated with its own university information system. Previously separated systems have been brought together to guarantee an innovative all-round service for students and staff.

As soon as they enter the university or register, every employee and student receives a personalised smart card with their photo, name and library number. At the press of a button, the account is registered in the science network, library permissions created, access authorisation granted and the card printed and coded – all in less than 5 minutes thanks to automated processes.

The card holder is able to get all the available services immediately using its card for example in the library, for electronic payment, as a copy card or for university elections. To ensure the service remains as transparent as possible, users can view all data via the web. Furthermore, the campus card can be blocked round the clock using an online application.

The LEGIC smart card itself visibly displays the period of validity which is printed on an overwriteable field. If the card is extended, the period of validity is updated using a special printer which at the same time updates the coding.

Thanks to the flexible expandability of LEGIC smart card platform, the innovative Campus Card is also well-prepared for the future. Additional applications can be simply added at any time – an important advantage, beside cost savings and increased administration efficiency and service level.

Two additional institutions are already turning to this innovative solution and will be taken care of along with the Free University of Bozen: the ‘‘European Academy’’, a research institution in Bozen and the ‘‘Philosophy and Theology’’ college in Brixen.

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