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Educational institute BFB Biel trusts in Océ and LEGIC technology

November 2008 by Marc Jacob

For the introduction of new printer and copier systems as well as for a multi-functional credential for personal identification, the educational institute BFB Bildung Formation Biel/Bienne trusts in Océ (Switzerland) AG and LEGIC Identsystems Ltd. One single credential allows for printing and copying, access to the building, payment in the restaurant and at vending machines. LEGIC technology is the core of the integrated multi-application.

As part of a call for tenders, BFB was looking on the one hand for opportunities to procure and implement new, up-to-date copier systems including payment solutions. On the other hand, BFB wanted to introduce a multi-functional credential based on LEGIC technology. This would be for use by the some 100 teaching staff as well as by the approximately 2000 students and further education customers.

The educational institute selected Océ (Switzerland) AG to supply and install new multi-functional printer and copier systems incl. LEGIC based payment solutions. Furthermore, Océ was selected to manage the project for the introduction of the multi-functional credential. The aim was to be able to use the same data carrier for printing and copying as well as for access to the building, payment in the restaurants and at vending machines.

The integration of LEGIC technology allows the combination of many different applications on one single credential. Project planning meant taking account of the supplier of the locking system as well as the various suppliers of till systems and vending machines.¾

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