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Incode and Snappt Partner to Bring Industry-Leading Identity Verification to Property Management

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

Incode Technologies Inc. announced an embedded partnership with Snappt. This partnership allows Incode to expand its presence in the property management sector and leverage Snappt’s market leadership position to capitalize on increasing demand for digital document and identity verification services.

This innovative partnership will unite Snappt’s industry-leading document fraud detection and Incode’s innovative ID verification technology into one streamlined, privacy-centric solution for customers of both companies. Incode’s ID verification technology elevates fraud detection for property managers by combining authentication and ID verification under one platform in an easy-to-integrate modular way. The Incode Omni Platform, with its simple and powerful orchestration capabilities, empowers property managers and leasing agents to provide an ID verification experience that is secure, scalable, effortless, and universally accessible. Snappt and Incode users can now verify any document type – such as pay stubs, bank statements, IDs, or passports – with unprecedented accuracy and speed, which increases safety for the property management sector and reduces the high cost of bad debt attributed to applicant fraud.

This partnership will also pave the way for Incode to lead the identity revolution and combat fraudulent actors in the leasing and property management space. This integration will allow Incode users to experience the full benefits of Snappt’s documentation verification service and enable Incode to provide critical solutions to the overall property management industry.

This news comes on the heels of Incode’s recent partnership with Black Ink Tech, which introduced a powerful solution that creates a global, ubiquitous digital identity that is simple to validate and universally available.

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