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FOXTOOL, the tool to easily succeed in your perimeter protection projects !

juillet 2020 par Marc Jacob

Does the implementation of a perimeter protection solution by video analysis seem complicated to you ? How should you calculate the detection areas ? Or how to choose between the different brands of cameras on the market, the models or even the focal lengths ? FoxTool lets you select cameras with just a few clicks from a list, and automatically calculates ranges and detection areas.

FoxTool, a simple and fast design tool

If the whole design of your site perimeter protection project seems tedious and time-consuming, know that a solution exists to make things easier ! FoxTool is a free tool offered by the French company Foxstream that specialist in video analysis, to design a project and have a concrete overview of the necessary material to carry it out.

Once the FoxTool software has been installed, simply download a site map (Google Maps image or other) and create 3D blocks in a few clicks, to represent the various obstacles (walls, trees, cars, etc.). Then place your various cameras from the drop-down menu (Foxstream being independent, all the main manufacturers and models are listed) and automatically observe the difference in the detection area. FoxTool, a multi-brand and customizable tool

FoxTool is regularly updated to optimize the software and update the camera lists with new references from different manufacturers. The latest version of FoxTool has just been released in June 2020, do not hesitate to request it by simple email to the Foxstream sales team !

As the list of cameras is not exhaustive, the software also offers the possibility to answer specific needs with a "personalized" mode. You can enter yourself the precise characteristics of the camera you want to install, in order to check the impact on the detection field and its suitability for your project.

FoxTool, a concrete tool to check the feasibility of your project

3D functionalities take into account the camera’s height, tilt, focal length, sensor size, and ground areas that Foxstream’s analysis takes into account. The FoxTool study guarantees a complete and concrete security solution, while involving the end customer in addition to the integrator.

Many features enrich the software to allow you to share and prepare your project effectively : the created plan can be exported as an image, comments can be added to the plan to facilitate customer/integrator communication or ask questions, raise a problem, highlight a specific need, etc. Detailed reports include the description of each camera, useful information on detection distances, 3D images and a summary.

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