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DoControl Automates Time Intensive Process of Bulk Remediation in Google Shared Drives

July 2023 by Marc Jacob

DoControl announced a new patent pending bulk remediation capability, which supports Google Shared Drives. By leveraging DoControl’s implementation, customers have the ability to remediate hundreds of thousands of unwanted file permissions, mapping entire file system hierarchies, and presenting full visibility of the impact.

DoControl’s innovative SSP will now allow modern businesses to simplify their bulk remediation processes using a unique implementation tailored to each company’s needs – enabling them to better uphold their end of the responsibility model. Traditionally, bulk remediation in Google Shared Drives presented businesses with significant challenges due to the complex nature of managing permissions across a large number of files, users, collaborators, organizational units, etc. This new capability enables Google Workspace customers to filter data exposures across IDP groups, HRIS departments, last active files, etc. and go through a 2-click experience to perform bulk remediation at scale. Customers view the potential impact of the bulk remediation and click to confirm and execute.

The rapid and widespread transition from legacy systems to the cloud has necessitated regular adjustments to safeguard sensitive and proprietary files. The continuous exchange of files among multiple individuals, each with different permissions, has resulted in a complex and potentially challenging bulk of files to manage effectively. When attempting to remediate inherited permissions for multiple files, administrators face the difficulty of ensuring accurate and appropriate access levels for each file and user – while also ensuring there are no significant interruptions or negative implications to the business.

Coordinating and executing bulk remediation actions can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, particularly when dealing with shared drives that contain a vast amount of files and multiple teams with diverse access requirements. By creating this capability, DoControl has introduced a streamlined approach to automated bulk remediation. Users will now be able to effortlessly establish filters, identify pertinent file segments, and designate entire file systems for automatic management through the DoControl SaaS Security Platform.

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