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CyberArk announced the availability of CyberArk Secure Browser

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

CyberArk announced the general availability of CyberArk Secure Browser, the industry’s first identity-centric secure browser, providing enhanced security and privacy alongside a familiar, productive user experience.

Backed by intelligent privilege controls and simple to deploy across devices, CyberArk Secure Browser is purpose-built for a cloud-first world, providing secure, consistent access to both on-premises resources and SaaS applications. It allows unprecedented visibility, control and governance for security teams, helping to prevent the malicious use of compromised identities, endpoints and credentials both at and beyond login. Secure Browser is a component of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, enabling secure access for any identity — human or machine — to any resource or environment from anywhere, using any device.

A March 2024 study of US office workers further highlights the browser-based cybersecurity risk exposure faced by organizations1:

78% use the same device to access company-confidential and sensitive information as they do for personal browsing
65% said that they need to violate organizational safe browsing policies to perform their role (12% "always" violated policies).
59% save workplace logins and passwords in the web browser used to perform their job.

Available to customers of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, CyberArk Secure Browser safeguards the organization’s most valuable resources, enabling a secure passwordless experience, easy access to privileged information and assets and helping to prevent breaches resulting from cookie theft and session takeover attacks. Recent major security breaches and new research from CyberArk Labs demonstrates how easy it is for techniques like cookie theft to give threat actors unauthorized access to sensitive data and assets, completely bypassing authentication tools. Secure Browser can ensure that there are no cookies to steal.

CyberArk Secure Browser Addresses Key Enterprise Cybersecurity Challenges

Secures all access – including privileged and sensitive access – from the browser
Fully integrates with the organization’s entire Identity and Access Management and security architecture
Provides a secure and safe way for users to access corporate resources from their own or unmanaged devices
Separates work and personal applications and domains
Enables easy, quick resource access for all user types, including high-risk groups
Streamlines ability to meet regulatory and audit requirements

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