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Matrix Introduces the 96 Channel NVRX

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Matrix presents the latest addition to its Extreme Series of Network Video Recorders (NVRX) - the SATATYA PARAM NVRX P2 variant. Crafted to meet the evolving demands of extensive surveillance systems, this 96-channel variant sets a new industry standard with its remarkable features and exceptional performance.

The SATATYA PARAM NVRX P2 variant transcends traditional NVR expectations with its exceptional throughput of 1 Gbps (512 Mbps uplink and 512 Mbps downlink capabilities). This ensures seamless data flow for a comprehensive surveillance experience, catering to the most demanding environments.

The 96 Channel NVR comes with 8 SATA ports. It can support a storage capacity of up to 144TB (up to 18TB per SATA), this variant addresses the growing need for data retention in modern surveillance systems. It provides abundant space for storing critical footage, ensuring that no detail is missed.

Equipped with support for 4K decoding, the SATATYA PARAM NVRX P2 delivers crystal-clear visuals for precise monitoring and analysis. Combined with its 96-channel capacity, it becomes the ideal choice for large-scale surveillance systems where clarity and detail are paramount.

In alignment with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Matrix demonstrates unwavering dedication to technological advancement, reliability, and regulatory compliance with the SATATYA PARAM NVRX P2 variant.

This variant introduces advanced features such as Cascading, Remote Accessibility via P2P, real-time Push Notifications, and more. These intelligent features redefine the functionality of NVRs, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with reliability to meet the dynamic challenges of the modern era.

Tailored to perfection the SATATYA PARAM NVRX P2 series epitomizes an unparalleled fusion of exceptional performance and top-tier video recording quality. Its high-speed quad-core processor efficiently handles extensive video data, ensuring efficient recording and unwavering performance across a myriad of surveillance tasks.

The SATATYA PARAM NVRX P2 variant finds its applications in various industries such as project sites, factories, offices, warehouses, hospitals, education institutes, and more. Its positioning targets large enterprises to medium organizations seeking superior performance, scalability, and security.

In conclusion, the SATATYA PARAM NVRX P2 variant redefines surveillance excellence, offering performance, innovative features, and reliability to meet the diverse needs of modern surveillance systems. With its advanced capabilities and regulatory compliance, it sets a new benchmark in the industry, providing unparalleled security solutions for today’s evolving challenges.

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