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Checkmarx Announces New Integrations with ServiceNow

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

Checkmarx announces new integrations designed to speed application security operations within ServiceNow DevOps. Both the cloud-native Checkmarx One AppSec platform and Checkmarx SAST plugins are immediately available in the ServiceNow Store and effectively streamline application security for developers within the DevOps toolchain, significantly reducing the risk of delivering cloud-native enterprise applications.

The Checkmarx One and Checkmarx SAST Plugins for ServiceNow DevOps will enable users with the DevOps Change Velocity license to:
• View integration of Checkmarx scans within the ServiceNow DevOps toolchain
• Associate ServiceNow DevOps orchestration tools such as Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions or Jenkins directly to Checkmarx scans to be run on the pipelines
• View security scan results run during the DevOps pipeline within the ServiceNow pipeline execution report
• Automate approval based on Checkmarx security scan results by enabling the change acceleration feature of DevOps Change Velocity, change-approval flows and policies

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