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WhatsApp security backdoor

January 2017 by Dr Jamie Graves, CEO at ZoneFox

Dr. Jamie Graves, CEO at cyber security specialists ZoneFox, comments the Whatsapp security backdoor that broke recently. ZoneFox focuses on monitoring and arresting insider threats within large scope of organisations, making him very knowledgable to comment on this particular breach.

In the digital age we live in, one should always assume nothing is secure. In this case, not even WhatsApp - which took considerable steps to promote the fact its messaging software was protected to the hilt from any infiltration.

While a lot of the focus of this latest revelation will be on the personal implications for billions of WhatsApp users, businesses should also be extremely concerned. In today’s world, many work related topics - often highly sensitive and at the highest levels are shared on the platform. It now appears there has been a host of information available to anyone with the know how to get hold of it, we can only ponder as to whether any breaches have taken place and if they have what levels of sensitive data have been taken. Furthermore, the advent and soaring popularity of WhatsApp desktop, now means millions of employees actually use the software on company devices, providing a potentially open gate to highly sensitive company servers and information.

This vulnerability must serve as a severe warning to businesses to be as vigilant as possible and pay close attention to the security dangers that lurk in the least obvious places, within their organisation.

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