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Panda Security’s weekly report on viruses and intruders

October 2008 by Panda

The Banbra.GBQ banker Trojan, the APop.A malicious Java Script and the Spammer.AJR Trojan are the focus of this week’s PandaLabs report.

Banbra.GBQ is designed to obtain bank information from the user. This malicious code is distributed through email. To fools users, the executable file passes itself off as a Word document, and when run it opens a document in Portuguese in which users are asked to appear in the regional electoral committee

The idea is to distract users while the Trojan is infecting their computers.

APop.A is a Java Script file that opens a series of Internet Explorer windows when run. One of these opens a page which claims to offer downloads of eMule, the well-known P2P file-sharing application.

Both the Web page and the program are very similar to the originals, however, if users read the installation license carefully, they will see a text warning that the Navipromo adware will also be installed on their computer.

The Spammer.AJR Trojan is designed to send spam from infected computers. These emails have interesting sounding subjects and include a link to a fake YouTube page.

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