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Modul’Data Center launches MDC-Shop

March 2011 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Modul’Data Center, division of IPenergy, specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative data center, announces the launch of its e-business website dedicated to equipment for computer rooms and data centers: MDC Shop.

This site allows online purchasing of all types of specialized equipment and innovative in the field: pre-terminated copper wiring and fiber optic, wiring accessories, racks, environmental monitoring, and e-PDU, PDU, GBICs, inverters , air conditioning for rooms or racks, etc..).

Through this approach, Modul’Data Center is consistent with its concepts, a set of products selected for their relevance to the needs of IT, technical relevance and / or value for money. MDC Shop lets you get all the elements necessary for the evolution of your computer room, with one local distributor, can also help you on the aspects and consulting services for installation, migration assistance or DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan), these areas are at the core of the expertise of IPenergy.

In addition to selling online, information will be an important part of the website, with many shopping guides and white papers. You will be guided, for example, to determine what type of optical fiber you need to select according to the application you want to achieve, or even obtain a summary of the electrical outlets with illustration of each one, which can be handy for quickly find a PDU which fits to your needs. Other support, usage tips, sharing "best practices" on the design and management of data centers will be added gradually.

MDC-site Shop is divided into eight categories:


Copper wiring:
- Cables and cabling solutions in RJ45 format.
- Cords of all types
- Pre-terminated cabling systems: Cords, Trunks, Hydra, cassettes, panels ...
- Standard and pre-terminated Patch Panels: 6 to 96 ports on one or more U for your RJ45 patch or solution for high density MRJ21.

Optical wiring:
- Optical patch cords singlemode / multimode, LC connector / SC / MTRJ / ST ... You will find the patch cord you are looking for!
- Maintenance of optical fiber: the essential for the maintenance of your fiber network.
- Systems pre-terminated cabling: Cords, Trunks, hydra, cassettes, panels and accessories to make the most of your MPO / MTP connections.
- Patch Panels standards and pre-connectorized: 12 to 96 ports on one or more U.

Wiring Accessories:
- Grommets: accessories needed for effective cable management.
- Tracking systems: find the right cable at a glance.


Racks and cabinets:
- Servers Racks: Racks adapted to the new constraints of IT.
- Network Racks
- Racks conditioned
- Rack Accessories: trays, valves and other accessories to fit your rack to suit your needs.


Control & Measure:
- Environmental Control: plug & play solutions for controlling environmental factors and be alerted in real-time for problems.
- Detection / Fire Extinguish
- Measurement Tools


- E-PDU: to control your consumption and turn off your equipment remotely via IP.
- Power cables: cables secured to prevent accidental disconnection.
- UPS: modular UPS to suit to your needs.


- Innovative solutions for energy efficient cooling.


Networks elements:
- Optical Transceivers
- Switches

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