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Dig Security released ransomware research

November 2023 by Dig Security

Dig Security released new research that explores encryption and data protection stats, and today’s top ransomware techniques: Understand Ransomware to Protect Your Data in the Cloud.

Dig researchers leveraged hundreds of production and dev AWS accounts used by customers (tens of thousands of S3 buckets in total) to reveal significant gaps in current data security practices. Findings include:


10% of encrypted buckets utilize CMK for enhanced security
4% of the 10% above are remotely managed
72% of remote CMK buckets are not actively monitored

Data Protection Measures

31% of buckets have versioning enabled, which is essential for data recovery
67% of sensitive buckets have logging enabled
1% of the buckets have object lock, which is crucial for preventing data tampering

By diving into the minds of attackers, Dig wants to help organizations anticipate an attacker’s next move and fortify their defenses.

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