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CyberSecura formalises its partnership with Serenys Assurances, an insurance brokerage firm covering cyber risks

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

CyberSecura, a Grenoble-based company specialising in innovative consultancy and services in cybersecurity and GDPR regulatory compliance, and Serenys Assurances, a Grenoble-based insurance brokerage firm, have signed a partnership agreement giving their customers access to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services, as well as insurance services in these specific areas. The companies will be able to offer their respective customers discounts granted exclusively under this partnership, to encourage them to take more comprehensive control of the risks associated with their use of digital technology.

Poor coverage of SMEs despite the importance of cyber risks
Although 85% of businesses use digital technology as a growth driver, the associated risks are not always taken into account. The consequences of a cyber attack are all the more devastating when the organisation’s information systems are not properly protected: interruption of services, high repair costs, operating losses, legal consequences and loss of reputation. Despite the fact that SMEs account for 99% of businesses in France, they are still inadequately protected against cyber risks: only 0.2% of them have taken out cyber insurance, compared with 9% of SMEs and 84% of large French groups.

The synergy between CyberSecura and Serenys Assurances
When a company wishes to take out a cyber insurance policy, it is obliged to demonstrate a certain maturity in this area, as well as a good level of preparation in the face of these challenges. Cyber insurers are increasingly reluctant to insure companies that are ill-prepared for cybersecurity issues, for reasons of cost. At CyberSecura, we regularly explain to our customers that we help them to control risks, but that there is no such thing as zero risk: taking out insurance to cover cyber risks helps to reduce the financial impact of a successful cyber attack, and therefore helps to control cyber risks in the workplace.

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