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QStar Healthcare Announces DICOM Publisher and SntryDICOM

March 2010 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

QStar Healthcare, the medical technology division of QStar Technologies Inc, announced the debut of two new storage solutions aimed at any healthcare organisation handling and distributing patient images: DICOM Publisher and SntryDICOM.

The new release of DICOM Publisher includes sophisticated AES encryption that protects the security of image studies written to CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray media for distribution to patients or within a medical facility. Driven by new European data security legislation, QStar has already signed major contracts with leading healthcare providers in the UK and Italy to deploy DICOM Publisher using the new encryption features. Access to encrypted images can only be gained using a unique media password (PIN) or through a trusted third party via a public key / private key infrastructure (PKI).

SntryDICOM provides a PACS vendor-independent and storage technology-neutral image archive solution with a fully-compliant DICOM 3.0 interface. An open PACS archive gives end users increased flexibility when upgrading and migrating old PACS systems, potentially allowing them to realise significant savings. Based on QStar’s established enterprise archive platform, SntryDICOM manages the lifecycle of images across multiple storage tiers, creating a highly resilient and reliable archiving strategy. The new solution provides a platform that maintains archive continuity as older PACS systems are replaced.

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