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Opengear announces a key extension to its console server product line

November 2016 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Opengear announces a key extension to its console server product line alongside new additions to its management team.

Opengear’s versatile selection of network management products and capabilities now includes the 96-port CM7196A console server, designed to meet the needs of enterprises managing a high density of network devices in data centers and at remote sites. With the availability of the CM7196A, Opengear has expanded its console server options to offer customers anywhere from 4 to 96 ports, with integrated USB and Ethernet connections.

At the same time, Opengear’s expansive product line continues to deliver an array of built-in features that make out-of-band management more intelligent. These include Smart OOB™, which automatically monitors system health and environmental conditions to detect faults before issues arise, as well as embedded cellular connectivity and Failover to Cellular™ for strengthening network resilience whenever primary connections fail. The full suite of Opengear solutions also offers Zero Touch Provisioning, eliminating manual configuration when deploying new Opengear devices over a network. Opengear’s products are expanding into new markets as well; the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager and CM7100 Console Server recently earned the China Compulsory Certificate, certifying these devices for import, sale and use within the country.

In support of the continued growth, Opengear is making two additions to the company’s team. Steve Cummins, the new Senior Director of Marketing, joins Opengear with a background in product marketing and demand generation across several respected technology companies — including senior marketing roles at Panasonic, Veeco Semiconductors, and Emcore. Ted Zhang, Opengear’s new Director of Business Development, arrives as a seasoned engineer, marketer, and strategist. He previously served as Business Development Manager for the Verizon Innovation Program, leading a team tasked with expanding the telecommunication giant’s Internet of Things ecosystem and helping its partners certify and commercialize their IoT devices. These hires further Opengear’s continued investments, capitalizing on new talent and enabling company expansion.

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