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Zuyderland Renews Partnership with Zivver to Deliver AI-Driven Decision Support for Optimal Email Security

April 2024 by Marc Jacob

Zuyderland, an healthcare institution and the largest medical centre in Limburg, has renewed its contract with secure digital communications specialist Zivver, to empower the safe transfer of sensitive data. The decision follows an extremely successful pilot, which demonstrated the power of Zivver’s AI powered engine, designed to support users to avoid the leading causes of data leaks, effortlessly.

Six years after the initial implementation of Zivver for Secure Mailing, Zuyderland recognised the need to further improve and modernise the security of digital communications. The organisation aimed to find a solution that not only ensures the security of sensitive information, but also minimises the risk of human error – the leading cause of data breaches.

After evaluating and piloting other solutions, Zivver’s AI-driven decision support offered Zuyderland the most practical solution. During the pilot period, there was a 1,500% increase in the number of securely sent emails, with 79% of users following Zivver’s advice and approximately 50 data leaks due to human error prevented (wrong recipient or incorrect use of AAN/CC).

The secure email messages are easy to open for the intended recipients. Patients and other non-care providers do not have to create accounts or remember passwords. Healthcare providers in facilities that meet NTA7516 standards receive the messages as securely delivered, but immediately accessible messages. Disruptions to work processes are therefore minimal for both senders and recipients.

“The implementation of Zivver’s AI-driven decision support is an important step forward in our commitment to both the privacy of our patients and the efficiency of our employees,” said Frank Halder, ICMT Infrastructure Manager at Zuyderland. “This technology allows us to refine our communications practices and adhere to the highest standards of digital security.”

Rick Goud, CIO at Zivver: “We are very pleased that Zuyderland has been so careful in determining requirements and carrying out the pilot. Unfortunately, we see too often that organisations opt for the cheapest solution or a solution that is expected to have the lowest management burden. These organisations usually do not have a clear idea of what problem they are solving. This pilot shows that safety and user-friendliness can go well together. The results speak for themselves and the high satisfaction among users was certainly a great outcome.”

The solution provides automatic classification of the sensitivity of information and allows employees to easily withdraw messages in the event of errors, so that the organisation is optimally protected against data leaks via email and can also effectively comply with relevant laws and regulations , including ISO27001, NEN7510, NTA 7516, NIS2, and NCSC guidelines.

Zuyderland has now extended its collaboration with Zivver and rolled out AI-driven decision support to all employees, further strengthening its position as a leader in the healthcare sector in the field of digital communications security.

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