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Vans owner VF Corp reports cyber incident, affecting 35 million customers - BlackFog Commentary

January 2024 by Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder at Blackfog

Recently, VF Corp, the company that owns Vans, Supreme and The North
Face, reported that it experienced a cyber incident that potentially
affected the data of millions of customers and encrypted some of the
company’s systems, indicating that it was most likely a ransomware
attack. Disruptions led to delays in global orders and customers
canceling orders. The SEC filing reported that the attack was spotted on
December 13th. The commentary from Darren Williams, CEO and Founder,

"The attack on VF Corp shows the kind of impact a cyber incident can
have on business operations. Business downtime is a primary consequence
of cyberattacks and often leads to customer frustration and financial
loss. Especially with the breach happening around the holidays, many of
VF Corp’s customers were most likely left dissatisfied with the
company’s service, resulting in a potential loss of future revenue.

Maintaining business continuity is of utmost importance for the success
of a company. Cyber incidents can easily impede progress, which is why
investment in modern cybersecurity technology, such as anti data
exfiltration, is crucial. These third-generation solutions stop attacks
in their tracks and ensure that companies can secure their digital
assets and maintain business continuity."

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