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that UK businesses are responding to the threat of cyber attack too slowly

March 2017 by John Madelin, CEO at Reliance acsn

Following the news that UK businesses are responding to the threat of cyber attack too slowly the commentary from John Madelin, CEO at Reliance acsn.

“The level of unpreparedness and vulnerability highlighted in this report shows why many businesses are prepared to simply throw money at security solutions in an attempt to feel secure. It’s clear that senior leaders recognise the importance of cybersecurity, but beyond that have little clue how to approach the issue. For some time now it’s become increasingly clear that the security industry lacks conviction, and has fundamentally failed to educate organisations in how to manage their security holistically. As a result, there is a complete lack of understanding about the value of intangible, digital information sitting within most organisations.

“This can lead to a feeling among some businesses that it’s a case of ‘when, not if’ they are hacked, and this is an unacceptable stance. As an industry we need to encourage a different approach to security, which is integrated, better executed, and end-to-end. What’s more, security needs to become a way of life for everyone in the organisation to ensure the vast amounts of data we’re generating is protected, and that all employees are accountable for it. Only through this can business protect their digital business, reputation, and bottom-line.”

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