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SentinelOne® launches Threat Hunting for WatchTower™ and WatchTower Pro™

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

Organisations face a relentless pace of sophisticated cyber attacks that they must be able to swiftly detect and neutralise to keep their assets and infrastructure safe. But many lack the time and resources to pull this off. To help them, SentinelOne announced the general availability of new threat-hunting capabilities in its WatchTower and WatchTower Pro managed threat-hunting services specifically designed to support security teams in anticipating and countering threats across the enterprise with machine speed and efficiency.

Adapting to the modern threat landscape

As part of the comprehensive managed security services offered by SentinelOne, WatchTower delivers intelligence-driven threat hunting, backed by expert human analysis, to identify emergent attackers and maximise threat visibility across every part of the business. The expanded capabilities launched today provide for:

• 24/7 real-time threat hunting
• Anomalous and suspicious behaviour detection
• Expanded coverage against known and emergent threats
• Access to WatchTower’s in-house threat intelligence library, including behavioural hunting queries, indicators of compromise and more.

Leveraging these capabilities, security teams can gain the visibility, insights and expert support needed to proactively drive security and improve their risk posture.

The expanded threat-hunting capabilities within WatchTower and WatchTower Pro are available today, and customers and managed security service providers (MSSPs) can begin leveraging them to stay prepared and responsive in the face of modern threats.

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