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Sectigo® announced SCM Pro

April 2024 by Marc Jacob

Sectigo® announced the launch of SCM Pro, the first-of-its-kind solution to bring the robustness of enterprise CLM to SMEs, effectively leveling the playing field between large enterprises and the mid-market.

Online identity proliferation, hybrid work, and device sprawl increase the number of certificates organizations need to manage; meanwhile, the lifespan of each certificate grows shorter. In other words, more certificates are expiring more often, making it impossible for IT and security teams to keep up using outmoded manual practices. Certificates expiring within 90 days bring up to five times more certificates under management and sub-10-day certificates bring up to 40 times more. The likely move toward ephemeral certificates that expire in near-real time introduces numbers too big to count. Not even large enterprises can meet this change, much less SMEs.

Sectigo recognized the need for a lightweight CLM platform that would allow customers to gain visibility into certificate status to help prevent business outages. With SCM Pro, SMEs can automate certificate management without reliance on manual tracking that cannot account for complex validation and installation processes. SCM Pro delivers a simple, secure, scalable CLM model that handles everything from discovery to renewals and everything in between.

The release of SCM Pro means customers that formerly could only manage their certificates by hand now have a single automated view of every public certificate in their IT estate regardless of the issuer, so they no longer have to worry about renewals, revocations, or replacements.

SCM Pro seamlessly provides interoperability in any IT environment from a single console, allowing customers to secure websites, applications, and devices with ease.

SCM Pro includes:
• Standard automation protocols with ACME. SCM Pro automates all certificate management tasks using the ACME standard protocol to ensure seamless, error-free operations
• Simplified deployment for effortless configurations: SCM Pro’s user-friendly interface delivers a hassle-free deployment experience and guided, customized workflows that generate command snippets to simplify configurations and reduce manual errors
• Business continuity with certificates as a service: SCM Pro’s annual certificate subscription provides unlimited public-domain-validated (DV) certificates with automated provisioning and management to future-proof digital security and minimize risk

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