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Radiflow, Garland Technology Join Forces to Strengthen Real-time Anomaly Detection in OT Environments

June 2024 by Marc Jacob

In response to rising threats against critical infrastructure, Radiflow has partnered with Garland Technology, a pioneer in scalable network test access points (TAPs) and Data Diodes, to deliver an exceptional OT security solution. This collaboration combines Radiflow’s expertise in OT cybersecurity with Garland’s packet visibility technology to deliver a cost-effective, enhanced, end-to-end security solution for critical infrastructure and industrial plants.

Nation-state threat actors are increasingly focusing their attention on disrupting industrial processes and critical infrastructure. Radiflow and Garland’s partnership helps operators detect anomalies in network behavior and communications that might be indicators of compromise. Garland’s network TAPs capture every communication packet and send a copy to Radiflow’s OT Security Platform for prompt analysis. As anomalies are detected, Radiflow’s platform automatically alerts stakeholders and security personnel of a potential cyber attack, so that they can respond effectively.

The collaboration between Radiflow and Garland Technology ensures complete data capture of all network transactions, enabling effective anomaly detection. This facilitates precise threat detection and reduces false positives through uninterrupted data analysis. Additionally, it maintains network performance and uptime with secured data streaming.

The joint solution is highly flexible. It adapts to a variety of network configurations and can scale seamlessly with infrastructure changes. Security teams can monitor multiple environments from a single centralized dashboard.

This technology partnership underscores Radiflow and Garland’s commitment to OT security, as they empower operators of cyber physical systems (CPS) with the tools and insights necessary to defend against today and tomorrow’s cyber threats. This partnership delivers a cost-effective approach to enhanced security, while creating a clear path toward compliance with industry standards, such as NIS 2 and IEC 62443. Customers can operate their OT environments with full confidence that they are protected from current and future threats.

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