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Quest Software Unveils New Standalone Toad Data Studio Solution

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

Quest Software announced the general availability of Toad Data Studio, an all-in-one platform to enable streamlined database management in multi-database platform environments.

Industry data suggests that as the complexity of database infrastructure continues to increase, enterprises are least confident about their ability to provide developers with agility, as well as to spot issues and remediate them within a timely fashion. As compliance, AI regulation and cloud costs become major C-level priorities, the demand for database engineers has skyrocketed, with a near-threefold increase in job postings for those experts - though many organizations still lack the talent and resources to fit their needs. The challenge is that once these roles are filled, data engineers are forced to meet their objectives and fulfil their duties with inflexible and incomplete tools that have traditionally been designed for people in other roles.

To address this roadblock, Toad Data Studio blends the award-winning Toad legacy of productivity, functionality and visualization with the ability to connect to nearly every database in an IT environment via a unified data management tool. This platform empowers data engineers, developers and database administrators to fully democratize, manage and utilize data for key business priorities at scale.

Key highlights from Toad Data Studio include:
• Nearly limitless connectivity: Users can connect, navigate, and manage nearly any database platform in their environment, including cloud and on-prem sources and relational, data warehouse and NoSQL sources.
• Advanced SQL Editor, including JSON and XML: Toad Data Studio users can generate, edit, and review database objects and queries through a powerful editing tool that supports both JSON and XML fields.
• Straightforward automation engine: Users can develop desktop automations for routine tasks, thus freeing up more time for higher-level tasks that support data-driven business operations.
• Powerful data comparison: Users can easily compare data results across different queries or between different environments on the fly or through automated workflows.
• Effortless data profiling: Database engineers, developers and other database professionals can visually profile and sample datasets for patterns, duplicates and other attributes from a single pane of glass.
• Schema comparison and syncing: Data stewards and developers can compare data schema and develop sync scripts with ease.
• Import/export data for simple ELT: Toad Data Studio makes moving data between systems when needed seamless for database professionals.

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