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Overland-Tandberg Launch of XstreamCORE® 8100T powered by ATTO

June 2024 by Marc Jacob

Overland-Tandberg introduces XstreamCORE 8100T powered by ATTO to its esteemed portfolio. This groundbreaking solution represents a quantum leap in data storage infrastructure, enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their data assets.
XstreamCORE incorporates cutting-edge features that redefine data storage capabilities, including:

• Virtual Tape Library Integration: Empowering tape libraries for virtual environments, XstreamCORE 8100T revolutionizes data storage in virtualized settings, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance.
• Ethernet Connectivity for SAS Tape Drives: Supports ethernet connectivity for up to 4 SAS tape drives (LTO7 or later).
• SAS Tape Integration within iSCSI Fabrics: Seamlessly integrating SAS tape drives within iSCSI fabrics for network shared SAS Tape: Workgroups now have the ability to access tape drives/storage, beyond the rack, and extract data to restore smooth operations and processes at scale as per business needs – with significant drop in cost and complexity.
• LTFS support: For file level, faster data access and effective tape management
• Automatic Tape Drive Mapping: Allows tape drives to be mapped to hosts.
• Operating System Independence: Provides universal compatibility, ensuring seamless integration into diverse IT ecosystems (iSCSI initiator required).

XstreamCORE 8100T powered by ATTO is now available through Overland-Tandberg’s global network of partners and distributors.

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