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New Disaster Recovery Masterclass Helps MSPs Work Smarter and More Secure

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

N-able, Inc. announced Cove’s ‘Master of Disaster Recovery’ Class—a free online course aimed at supporting disaster preparedness for MSPs worldwide.

Offered free to MSPs, the Cove Class leverages Cove’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities to impart essential knowledge and skills to the MSP community in the event of a data breach. The classes will be conducted via GoToWebinar every two weeks on an ongoing basis. Upcoming 2024 sessions include March 19 and April 2.

Mastering Proactive DRaaS
In an era where cyber threats and unforeseen disasters are rising, Cove’s ‘Master of Disaster Recovery’ Class stands out as an invaluable resource. Unlike traditional, fee-based training programs that can consume days or even weeks of an MSP’s time, the Cove Class delivers fundamental insights into disaster recovery and how to best prepare for a cyber event in 60 minutes or less.

Cove’s ‘Master of Disaster Recovery’ Class also helps MSPs establish a recovery environment in local Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, or in Microsoft Azure. This includes critical recovery prerequisites and cyber-recovery best practices, equipping MSPs with the knowledge to make crucial decisions before a disaster strikes. Additionally, the class covers how to avoid the most common errors and pitfalls that often lead to recovery problems.

Key Highlights of Cove’s ‘Master of Disaster Recovery’ Class include:
• Educational Focus: Cove’s ‘Master of Disaster Recovery’ Class focuses on providing participants with the fundamentals of disaster recovery and gaining hands-on experience in setting up a recovery environment using Cove.
• Convenience for Busy MSPs: Recognizing the time constraints of MSPs, the masterclass offers a swift and efficient learning experience. MSPs can learn the fundamentals of disaster recovery and how to set up a Cove recovery environment in less than an hour.
• Demonstration with Cove: The masterclass leverages N-able’s Cove disaster recovery framework to demonstrate how data recovery can be performed in a local Hyper-V or VMware ESXi environment or in Microsoft Azure, showcasing the practical applicability of Cove’s capabilities.
• Ransomware Readiness: With the continuous surge in ransomware attacks, the masterclass addresses the urgency for MSPs to be fully prepared. It provides an extra layer of recovery confidence and equips MSPs with the tools they need to face evolving threats.

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