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ManageEngine Announces Integration with Constella Intelligence for Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management

May 2024 by Marc Jacob

ManageEngine announced the integration of its SIEM solution, Log360, with Constella Intelligence, a digital risk protection platform, in a move that equips organizations with a critical first line of defense against supply chain attacks.

Gartner projects that 45% of organizations worldwide will experience a supply chain attack by 2025. By enabling proactive monitoring of both the deep and dark web for leaked credentials with this integration, Log360 empowers businesses to take immediate action and prevent cyberattacks, thereby safeguarding critical data and minimizing operational disruptions.

Integration Benefits for Organizations
● 24/7 dark web monitoring: This integration scans the deep and dark web continuously for leaked credentials associated with organizations, their employees and third-party vendors. This continuous monitoring ensures organizations are alerted about any potential vulnerabilities.
● Proactive mitigation and supply chain collaboration: With this information, organizations can proactively engage with affected vendors to implement mitigation measures, like password resets and enhanced security protocols. This collaborative approach strengthens the entire supply chain’s security posture and minimizes the attack surface.
● Unified security response: Log360 correlates suspicious activities within networks with leaked credentials, potentially exposing a larger supply chain attack attempt. This unified view allows for a faster and more effective response.
● Real-time alerts and threat intelligence: Upon detection of leaked credentials, organizations receive immediate alerts with details on the breach. Log360’s threat investigation console, the Incident Workbench, provides valuable insights into the source and scope of the leak, allowing organizations to understand its potential impact and whether it affects their supply chain partners.
● Predictions to preempt attacks: Organizations can gain a deeper understanding of attacker behavior and anticipate their next moves. In the event of a compromised credential, organizations can leverage Log360’s Incident Workbench console, aided by contextual analytics, to conduct guided investigation to contain threats and minimize potential damage.

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