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ITSM software: automation as a vector of savings

January 2024 by Vincent Dumas, Product Owner at Combodo

Synonymous with efficiency and productivity, automation is commonplace in all business
processes. ITSM is no exception: automation features streamline IT service management and
simplifies the daily life of support teams. More than just saving time, some ITSM automation
makes it possible to be more competitive.

Reduce operational costs
In the IT field, as elsewhere, automation aims to relieve teams of certain tasks with low added
value, which are time-consuming, and repetitive and/or redundant. In the line of fire?
Operations that can be triggered and carried out without direct intervention by a person. When we talk about automation in the context of IT service management, examples are numerous. It is thus possible to automate the response to users following a request to the helpdesk, the creation of tickets on alerts escalated from the infrastructures, the dispatch of a ticket to an agent or a team, the addition of information when creating a ticket, to automate notifications related to changes, updates, up to the processing of simple requests… This automation helps reduce operational costs by minimizing the intervention of teams in the
execution of repetitive tasks. ITSM software therefore plays a central role in the implementation of these automated processing processes within IT production teams.

Some examples of ITSM automation

One of the first levers to activate to increase the competitiveness of your IT services, is the automation of the supervision of the IT park. To do this, you can interconnect your monitoring tool to your ITSM solution. In this way, you will be automatically alerted in case of incidents, without human intervention, and therefore without re-entry, often a source of time or even error. Automatic alerts make monitoring easier and more reliable. Some companies thus ensure integrated management of their IT resources.

Deploying a server
Your ITSM software can also help automate simple processes, such as getting a server
into production. How does it work? Upon receipt of a request to connect a new server,
a workflow of automated actions will initialize the equipment (OS, network, software).

Resolving recurring incidents
With a powerful ITSM tool, you can analyze the types of incidents identified and automate their processing. This may involve sending a dedicated input form to document the problem, before finding its solution. This form will contain the necessary information to trigger one or more automatic curative actions.

Staff teams according to real needs

The automation enabled by ITSM tools makes it possible to develop service production capabilities, relieving teams of a number of operations.
It therefore helps staff the support teams as accurately as possible. Automating certain tasks makes it possible to envisage the growth of an IT department or production center, without increasing the workforce in a linear way. In addition, a powerful ITSM solution offers all the indicators to measure the impact of automation and anticipate resource needs.

Automating IT management tasks thanks to ITSM software therefore generates measurable
benefits: time saving, productivity, efficiency, reliability, etc. And over and above the
operational performance, this automation is even more appreciable as it is converted into
economic gains.

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