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Introducing SocX, SecureIQLab’s AI-Powered Cloud Security Validation Platform

May 2024 by Marc Jacob

SecureIQLab LLC, a provider of cloud security validation solutions, proudly unveils SocX™, a groundbreaking AI-powered cloud validation platform. SocX™ introduces adaptive learning models for cyberattacks backed by powerful analytics designed to accelerate cyberattack prediction and prevention, complementing existing cybersecurity solutions.

Accelerating Innovation: Introducing SocX, SecureIQLab’s AI-Powered Cloud Security Validation Platform

Key features of SocX™ include:
1. Streamlined Product Lifecycles: SocX™ significantly shortens pre- and post-release product lifecycles for security providers.
2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: SocX™ continuously learns and validates, reducing risk exposure and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In essence, SocX™ simplifies deployment and validation processes, minimizing resource drain. It equips security professionals with the ability to derive valuable insights from validation results in near real-time or within minutes, aiding in product enhancement and informed decision-making.
Security professionals can seamlessly connect to SocX™ via its portal, selecting and deploying specific test use cases or importing their unique methodologies for continuous validation of their offerings. Leveraging SocX™, security technology providers can innovate with confidence, while MSPs can achieve optimal operations tailored to their unique requirements.

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