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Intercede Launches MyID® MFA v5

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Intercede announces the launch of MyID® MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) 5.0. The latest addition to the MyID product family raises the security bar, by enabling organizations to protect on-premise and cloud-based applications, as well as the Windows desktop logon (on and off-line) with a range of phishing-resistant MFA options including OTP (one-time passwords), mobile apps, syncable FIDO passkeys and biometric protected hardware devices.

Bringing enterprise managed FIDO passkeys into MyID MFA, makes it easy to FIDO-enable multiple applications and deploy passkeys to end users, enhancing security and improving the user experience. MyID MFA acts as both a FIDO authentication server and a passkey issuance solution. End users authenticate to MyID MFA with their passkey, and by support for standard federated identity protocols, MyID MFA provides authentication services to multiple applications including cloud, on-premise and Windows desktop logon.
Organizations can choose from syncable passkeys, that use the FIDO protocol built into mobile devices and web browsers, to deliver a simple, secure and passwordless authentication process, via fingerprint, face ID or PIN. For organizations requiring higher levels of security and control, MyID MFA supports device bound passkeys, such as Yubikey and the innovative YubiKey Bio device, which delivers a similarly seamless authentication experience while ensuring the highest level of security.

MyID MFA also enables the federation of applications (the ability to share identity and authentication information between systems in a managed way), be they cloud-based or on-premise, with support for standards-based protocols such as OpenID Connect and SAML. With federated identity provider (IDP) capabilities built into MyID MFA, it is a natural successor to Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). In addition to acting as an IDP, MyID MFA enables federation with an organizations existing credentials and identity providers, including Google and Microsoft Authenticator apps. This allows users to use the apps they are already familiar with and enables organisations to use credentials that are already deployed, reducing operational costs and speeding up the time to deployment.

MyID MFA supports the delivery of a unified authentication experience across the entire application suite, including authentication to applications, accessing self-service portals (to reset credentials), as well as logging on to the Windows desktop. The Windows Desktop Agent has been enhanced in v5.0 with added support for federation, the inclusion of third-party authenticators and FIDO passkeys, meaning organizations have a wider choice than ever on how to protect the primary gateway to their data, networks and applications, regardless of whether they are on Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices.

MyID MFA is part of the MyID product family that includes MyID PSM (Password Security Management) and MyID CMS (Credential Management System) that enables organizations to choose the level of security that best fits their needs, from passwords, through to one-time codes, mobile apps, FIDO passkeys and public key infrastructure (PKI).
MyID MFA is available now from Intercede.

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