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Fujitsu Cyberattack confirmed Friday - PII may be stolen

March 2024 by Sylvain Cortes, VP Strategy at Hackuity

Multinational tech giant Fujitsu confirmed on Friday they have been hit by a cyberattack, warning that hackers may have stolen personal data and customer info.
Sylvain Cortes, VP Strategy, Hackuity comments:

“That a corporation as large as Fujitsu has been hit by a cyberattack shows we are all susceptible to cyberattacks, no matter how big or careful an organisation is. All it takes is one employee falling for a deceptive phishing link or to open the wrong file with malicious data enveloped by attackers for them to compromise systems and steal sensitive data.
Victims of such attacks can expect to face persistent and targeted attacks with potentially catastrophic repercussions for the business. Beyond staff awareness training, constant risk assessments, rigorous patching schedules, and advanced security measures, organisations should look to constantly assess and prioritise their most critical vulnerabilities. Any unpatched hole in the network is like leaving your car unlocked in the centre of the city. Prioritise, patch, prevent.”

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