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Expert commentary: Fujitsu has confirmed that miscreants have compromised ‘several’ of its internal computers

March 2024 by Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Consultant at OpenText Security Solutions

After the news that Fujitsu has confirmed that miscreants have compromised ‘several’ of its internal computers, deployed malware, and may have stolen some customer information.

The statement, released on Fujitsu’s website, doesn’t specify what malware was used, when the intrusion occurred, or how much and what type of data the criminals accessed. Fujitsu did add that, at least thus far, it hasn’t received any reports of customers’ information being misused.

After spotting the malware, the company said it "immediately" disconnected the affected systems and added security measures including better monitoring tools. Fujitsu also said it has begun notifying those affected that their data may have been stolen, and also reported the digital intrusion to Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission.

In response to this, Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Consultant at OpenText Cybersecurity has commented on the news discussing why this malware attack on tech giant Fujitsu should be a wake up call for all businesses, no matter how big or small, to have their cybersecurity defences up to scratch. Matt goes on to offer advice to businesses, stating that a multi-layered solution is the best approach.

"The fact that tech giant Fujitsu has experienced a malware attack is an extreme warning to all businesses to ensure that their cybersecurity defences are up to scratch. Malware attacks have rapidly ascended the ranks to become the weapon of choice for cybercriminals and with a company as big as Fujitsu this attack is more menacing than most.

"Every business, no matter the sector or size, must ensure that all sensitive data is adequately protected and backed up safely, significantly when cyber attacks are on the rise. If tech behemoths are being targeted successfully then no one is safe. To mitigate against cyber threats, regular education and phishing simulations should be a must.

"Rather than viewing data protection as a box-ticking exercise, it should be a key priority and integrated into every aspect of the business. Employee awareness and vigilance is the most powerful tool in the cyber resilience kit-bag.

"By implementing a multi-layered solution that allows for maximum ability to secure data and block attacks from bottom to top, organisations can develop the ability to monitor and isolate an infection or breach with granular detail. Furthermore, backup protection measures that match the value and quantity of data and the regular rehearsals or simulations of cyber attacks will help to strengthen the entire workforce and enterprise."

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