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Expert comment: Data Privacy Day

January 2024 by Sylvain Cortes, VP Strategy at Hackuity

The comment from Sylvain Cortes at Hackuity on Data Privacy Day.

Just as GDPR set the new data privacy standard more than five years ago, GenAI regulation will establish standards for decades to come. If you cut through the latest investor buzzwords and media doom-and-gloom, the AI threat is simple: at its core, Artificial Intelligence amplifies our data (in)security.
Wavestone’s CISO Radar 2024 highlights many of these emerging threats, from hijacking AIs to expose their inner secrets, to manipulating their data ingestion. But peel back the layers, and you’ll find that these attacks are often exploiting flaws that have existed in organisations’ architectures for years, now at unprecedented scale.
AI’s a match to the current cyber wildfire, but does it deserve more blame than the kerosene we’ve been ignoring for more than a decade? That’s the sort of question legislation like the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act and even less AI-centric regulation like DORA are seeking to answer and remediate.
Not a week goes by without the latest data leak dominating the news cycle. (Admittedly, the data leaks that don’t make the news are scarier.) Expect the privacy fallout to keep pace and for AI to remain attackers’ - and defenders’ - #1 ally

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