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Data Privacy Day 2024 – commentary of Samir Desai, VP of Product Management at GTT

January 2024 by Samir Desai, VP of Product Management at GTT

This year’s Data Privacy Day provides us with yet another reminder of just how important it is for businesses to protect their most valuable asset. However, this is something that, unfortunately, has also never been more difficult.

The rapid adoption of cloud computing, IoT/IIoT, mobile devices and remote work has increased both the size and complexity of the networking landscape and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this. Alongside common threats – such as phishing – businesses today must defend against a whole new host of potential risks, such as how generative AI can potentially super-charge phishing attempts by making it easier and faster for bad actors to craft convincing content.

To ensure data security for cloud-based apps while still providing reliable connectivity for hybrid workplaces and remote workers, the modern enterprise needs to invest in the right solutions. This may require further collaboration with managed security and service partners to identify and implement the right technologies to protect the ever-expanding perimeter.

For example, a Zero-trust networking approach which also combines network security and software-defined connectivity into a single cloud-based service experience, could be transformative. It’s ‘always-on’ security capabilities means that data is protected, regardless of where resources or end-users reside across the enterprise environment.

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