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Dahua Technology Announces Comprehensive Global Delivery and Service System

July 2024 by Marc Jacob

Dahua Technology announces the launch of its comprehensive global delivery and service system. By delivering precise, intelligent services and solutions to customers worldwide, Dahua aims to continuously enhance service experiences, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and professionalism.

Dahua’s multi-dimensional service network includes headquarters technical support centers, official service centers, and authorized service centers, providing technical support, after-sales repair services, and project management on a global scale. From initial sales inquiries to post-sales assistance, Dahua provides an integrated platform throughout the customer journey to deliver a seamless experience and create value for customers around the world.

Technical Support
Dahua has established 4 Technical Support Centers in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America, with over 8,000 technical service professionals worldwide. These experts offer in-depth knowledge, scenario-based solution demonstration, and technical training, ensuring that customers can fully leverage Dahua’s products and solutions. With timely response and efficient problem-solving capabilities, Dahua’s technical support is designed to enhance operational efficiency and minimize disruptions for clients.

Repair Services
Dahua has established 110+ overseas service centers in 97 countries and regions to provide customers with original manufacturer warranty. Globally, Dahua-certified maintenance engineers and ample local spare parts inventories guarantee prompt and dependable solutions for any product malfunctions. In addition, there are 200+ Dahua authorized and certified service partners that can provide installation and on-site maintenance services, giving customers peace of mind and further enhancing their experience.

Project Management
Dahua offers professional end-to-end management of project scope, schedule, cost, and quality, focusing on issue and risk management to support project delivery and customer success. By streamlining supply chain operations and forming strategic collaborations with top logistics providers, Dahua ensures timely and accurate product deliveries. By optimizing the delivery process system and integrating validated industry solutions for cities, enterprises, and SMBs, Dahua ensures the delivery of complete and feasible solutions.

Additionally, Dahua has integrated 24/7 AI robot customer service and advanced digital tools into its delivery and service system. The Dahua Partner App, for instance, allows customers to make online appointments for after-sales service, check maintenance records, and evaluate local after-sales service. These digital features further enhance customer accessibility and convenience, providing an exceptional service experience. At the same time, customers can also contact and provide feedback about any issues through Dahua’s official website, WhatsApp account, and 15 Dahua call centers.

Dahua’s comprehensive global delivery and service system reaffirms its dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. With these advancements, Dahua continues to set the standard for service excellence in the video-centric AIoT industry, empowering businesses globally to thrive and succeed together.

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