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Cryptomathic launches Signer 6

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

Cryptomathic has announced the launch of Signer 6.0, its next generation electronic signature (eSignature) solution, which offers signatures certified to the highest level (EAL4+) and compliant with SCAL2, making it fully ready for eIDAS 2.0.

Signer 6.0 delivers greater interoperability, significant performance improvements and compliance with eIDAS 2, without diminishing security. It offers a sole control protocol to make remote signature secure and non-repudiable, and makes integrations incredibly easy through the use of standards and leveraging Cloud Signature Consortium API specifications.

Signer is a modular solution, easy to integrate with Identity Schemes via standardised APIs. It is suitable for all forms of legal documents and agreements, becoming the solution of choice for organizations that need a highly versatile, non-repudiable and legally binding digital signature service. It is designed to make it simple for organizations to unlock convenient, secure and scalable digital experiences, supported by Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).

The European Commission is expected to make EN 419 241 – 2 – the certification standard for remote qualified signature creation devices – mandatory in 2024, through an implementing act. Signer has long achieved this standard and now also supports the standards laid out by the Cloud Signature Consortium for open digital signatures for mobile and the web.

Cryptomathic will offer Signer 6.0 with a long-term certification of five years, to allow qualified trust service providers (TSPs) to harmonize their own assessment periods, for simpler compliance operations. Existing customers will be offered a clear migration path from Signer 5, which can co-exist on the same hardware as Signer 6.0, without the need to invest in new hardware or recertification, up until 2029.

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