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Cellebrite DI Ltd. announced Case-to-Closure (C2C)

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

Cellebrite DI Ltd. announced Case-to-Closure (C2C), an expanded end-to-end platform for examiners and investigators to solve cases faster and more defensibly to accelerate justice around the world.

As corporate professionals and law enforcement digital forensic units increasingly face overwhelming volumes of devices and data that threaten the speed and effectiveness of investigations, C2C offers multiple breakthrough technology solutions:
• Cellebrite Inseyets is an enhanced, automated digital forensics software technology designed to transform access, extraction and decoding of digital data across the broadest range of mobile phones and other digital sources. Cellebrite Inseyets equips our customers with the capabilities to surface more actionable insights faster from full file system extractions, including cloud data—minimizing the risk of leaving important evidence behind. Powered by market leading UFED and PA Ultra technology, Cellebrite Inseyets is designed to reduce examination time by up to 40% and allow agencies of all sizes to access up to 60% more data. It also enables examiners to expertly triage devices to determine relevancy to an investigation, saving precious time and maximizing scarce resources.

Built with an enhanced workflow automation module, Forensic Labs and Investigative Units can accelerate data extraction and time-to-evidence, giving them a complete view of their investigation data, increasing efficiency, reducing human error and preserving evidence integrity for court.
• Enhancements to Cellebrite Pathfinder that connect data points from an unlimited amount of sources and gives investigators a big picture view of links between devices. With a new speech-to-text feature, investigators can easily locate specific words or phrases related to their cases that may have been otherwise buried or hidden within mountains of unstructured data. This enriched viewpoint is critical to create and complete the case story for investigators whose success relies on in-depth analysis.
• Additional Cellebrite Guardian features provide secure evidence storage, unit collaboration and the necessary chain of custody to ensure cases are protected from scrutiny. With Guardian, every player in the investigative process can securely and lawfully access needed data from anywhere, streamlining the evidentiary process.

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