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Blancco Collaborates with Lenovo to Improve Customers’ Cybersecurity

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

Blancco Technology Group announced a global collaboration with Lenovo. A component of Lenovo’s ThinkShield security portfolio, Blancco data erasure provides enterprises with proven, audit-ready, and regulation-compliant data sanitization software and process workflows. The solution renders data permanently unrecoverable from active networks, endpoint devices, and decommissioned IT assets.

Lenovo ThinkShield Data Erasure by Blancco addresses the need for enterprises to manage the exponential growth of data that increases their threat risk, liability, and data management costs. It also minimizes manual procedures for tracking, erasing, and reporting on a wide range of IT assets and storage devices.

Blancco provides Lenovo’s enterprise customers with the ability to sanitize data that’s no longer needed, including redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data. Not only does this allow enterprises to minimize data storage needs, it also enhances data security by reducing an organization’s attack surface across storage and endpoint devices.

Incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into data deletion processes is a pivotal facet of contemporary digital practices, particularly concerning the circular economy surrounding devices.

This comprehensive approach to security and sustainability aligns with the growing trend of integrating ESG into more facets of business operations. By prioritizing responsible data deletion, organizations using ThinkShield actively contribute to a circular economy, fostering ethical and sustainable practices in the management of digital devices.
Lenovo ThinkShield Data Erasure by Blancco also enables organizations to meet the world’s most stringent data protection regulations. Approved by 14 governing bodies and supporting compliance with more than 25 standards, Blancco’s data erasure creates and stores reports for compliance, audits, reporting, verification, and retention purposes. These reports are protected and digitally signed to prove regulatory compliance.

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