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Barrier Networks becomes Assured Service Provider for NCSC Cyber Incident Exercising Scheme

July 2024 by Marc Jacob

Barrier Networks announced it has been selected as one of the UK’s first Assured Service Providers for the NCSC Cyber Incident Exercising scheme.

The Cyber Incident Exercising scheme has been established to help organisations rehearse their response to cyber incidents to help them improve their defences and get ahead of adversaries. IASME is a Delivery Partner for the scheme, and Barrier Networks has played a pivotal role working with IASME to shape the assessment process to ensure they are relevant against the real-world cyber incidents impacting organisations today.

As an Assured Service Provider, organisations can now work with Barrier to help them create bespoke, structured table-top or live-play cyber incident exercises to help them robustly practise their responses to various digital threats in a safe and secure environment. This will help them prepare for cyberattacks, so they know exactly how to respond in the face of an adversary, minimising disruptions to business and operations.

“We are delighted to be one of the first companies recognised by NCSC for having the skills and expertise required to support this fantastic scheme. When organisations experience a cyberattack, they need to step into action straight away to minimise disruptions. This can’t be achieved when organisations don’t practice incident response training. Instead, they waste valuable time getting logistics in order while attackers gain a stronger foothold on their assets. This scheme helps organisations avoid these situations. As an NCSC Cyber Incident Exercising Assured Service Provider, Barrier will deliver expert cyber incident response training, helping educate organisations, identify weaknesses, and improve their overall defences against attacks,” said Ian McGowan, managing director of Barrier Networks.

Barrier Networks is one of the UK’s most advanced security service providers, helping enterprises and critical industry organisations manage and reduce risks to improve cyber resilience. Organisations can now depend on this expertise through the Cyber Incident Exercising scheme, to help shore up their defences against the onslaught of cyberattacks they now face daily.

“Organisations that have good incident response plans are best placed to respond to cyberattacks and can get back up and running again quicker than those without. The aim of the scheme is to help organisations prepare for cyberattacks, making it harder for adversaries to cause damage to the UK economy, while also helping improve the country’s overall cyber resilience. We have worked closely with the Barrier team for many years, and we know they have the skills and expertise to help businesses and make this scheme a success,” said Emma Philpott, CEO of IASME.

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