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Arrcus supports VMware Telco Cloud Platform

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

Arrcus announced its successful collaboration work with VMware, recently acquired by Broadcom, to expand beyond the edge into next-gen data architecture with a cutting-edge multi-tenant network and compute virtualization solution.

Arrcus’ ACE platform, which is already certified for VMware Telco Cloud Platform to run on VM or hypervisor environments for edge infrastructure, now expands to distributed data center architectures. This innovative collaboration will build a high-speed underlay fabric using Arrcus ACE and an overlay compute solution using VMware NSX, creating geo-redundant Distributed Data Centers capable of handling diverse workloads and applications.

Digital enterprises rely on applications and workloads to deliver value to their customers. These processes handle substantial amounts of data across distributed data centers, spanning from the cloud to the edge. Achieving scale and multi-tenancy involves virtualizing and sharing both the physical network and compute nodes among diverse customers and workloads.

The ACE platform facilitates the creation of distributed data center fabrics, spanning from edge to hyperscale to the cloud. It enables the establishment of standards-based IP CLOS fabric with BGP and EVPN or a Virtual distributed Fabric, replacing monolithic chassis with modular white-box hardware.

VMware NSX is designed to address application frameworks and architectures with heterogeneous endpoints and technology stacks. It allows IT and development teams to choose technologies best suited for their applications, emphasizing manageability, operations, and consumption by both IT and development organizations.

The underlay physical network, built using Arrcus’ ArcOS on white-box switches, employs a Leaf/Spine CLOS topology with eBGP between the Leaf and Spine switches for route distribution. VXLAN virtualizes the physical network, creating logical Layer 2 or Layer 3 network instances for multi-tenancy. A standards-based EVPN control plane is utilized for both BGP and VXLAN to exchange connectivity endpoints across the fabric.

Logical Network Topology of Combined VMware and Arrcus Solution

VMware ESXi hosts support VM or container workloads, with NSX acting as the overlay network. The integration involves creating an ArcOS BGP peering connection from the Leaf switch to the NSX T0 router, acting as a gateway between the virtual and physical network. The NSX T1 router serves as a gateway for all virtual workloads.

This architecture allows for efficient, scalable, and flexible network operation, suited for modern data center demands, including cloud computing and virtualized environments. The combination of these technologies ensures a robust, high-performance network capable of supporting diverse and demanding applications.

This integration allows customers to build data center networks for different workloads using Arrcus ACE platform’s open standards-based design and programming interfaces. This results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with white-box switch hardware, coupled with VMware NSX to efficiently manage compute workloads at any scale.

Arrcus’ commitment to open networks provides adaptability and rapid innovation, supporting a wide range of energy-conserving merchant silicon and hardware options, offering unprecedented choices with speeds ranging from 1G to 800G across shallow and deep buffer switches.

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