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ZoneFox comment: Bad Rabbit ransomware

October 2017 by Dr. Jamie Graves, CEO, ZoneFox

Realise this is a little late to the party but, in case helpful for future features, please see below for a comment from Dr Jamie Graves, CEO and founder of ZoneFox on the Bad Rabbit outbreak.

"Currently, it’s unclear as to whether or not Bad Rabbit will be able to reap the same damage as WannaCry, but undoubtedly businesses will be holding their breath. The ransomware relies on people downloading a commonly used programme update in order to infect themselves, plus early indications showed many anti-virus systems can’t detect it. This highlights the need for a robust security posture, based on both technology and education.

"These days, companies have to assume that the padlocks they put on the corporate network won’t withstand hacker determination and cunning. They need to adopt the mindset of a stealthy threat hunter in order put themselves on the front foot. WannaCry set the bar for how devastating ransomware can be; Bad Rabbit won’t be the last iteration of malware to try and emulate its ’success’."

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