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ZoneFox comment: BA hack

September 2018 by Dr Jamie Graves, CEO and founder of ZoneFox.

The comment from Dr Jamie Graves, CEO and founder of ZoneFox.

"In light of GDPR, the fact that BA’s systems had been compromised for two weeks is quite unsettling. In this case, personal and financial details of customers have been leaked, but it will no doubt cause concerns about the ticketing systems being targeted in future or even planes themselves. By nature, the aviation industry has a high level of responsibility, so this hack should serve as a wake-up call to safeguard its passengers from a variety of possible future attacks.

As such, BA must ask itself how it can strive for compliance and a much higher standard of data security moving forward. The company must continue to evolve its policies and procedures, to refine them, so that any suspicious behaviour is flagged up in the event of a further compromise — and certainly much quicker than two weeks following a breach. Above all, BA must ensure it has complete visibility into its data - from customer data to flight paths to credit card details - to secure passengers data and off course their physical safety."

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