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Zivver Identified as a Leader in Omdia Market Radar 2020 for Outbound Email Security

December 2020 by Marc Jacob

Zivver announced that it has been identified as a ‘Leader’ by global research firm Omdia in the newly published ‘Omdia Market Radar 2020 for Outbound Email Security’. Echoing aspects of Gartner’s recent Market Guide for Email Security, Omdia recognises that outbound email security (or email data protection, as Gartner refers to it) is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Contributing factors include evolving privacy regulations and compliance demands; an increased remote, digital workforce; and email being the leading cause of data leaks worldwide, due to human error and serious security gaps. The catalyst for Omdia’s paper, which profiled specialist vendors Zivver, Tessian, Egress and Virtru, was the need to address outbound email security’s shortfalls. As a result, Omdia scored Zivver as the most comprehensive and mature solution.

“In some sectors, whether through regulation, highly confidential data, or specific privacy needs, there may be a higher risk of deliberate or sloppy intent or action that must be detected and blocked. Organisations operating in these areas, including financial services, legal, healthcare and other parts of the public sector, will find that it is not only in their best interests to do more to protect against data leakage through misdirected emails, but that it is something with which they must comply, and demonstrate compliance. For this reason, outbound email security and data protection has been important to, and had most of its deployments in, these sectors,” said Omdia’s Maxine Holt, Senior Director, Cybersecurity research and Rik Turner, Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity, in the report.

To allow employees to continue using their familiar email environments and workflows, Zivver adds a security and privacy layer on top of existing systems, such as Outlook (Desktop and Microsoft 365) and Gmail. This approach optimises productivity as well as safe communication for customer organisations. In addition, Zivver safeguards sensitive information in all three stages of email transmission - before, during and after sending - and equips organisations with the controls and reporting tools needed to comply with data protection regulations including the DPA and GDPR.

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