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WinPatrol Anti-Ransom Solution Adds New Interactive Dashboard

December 2016 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

WinPatrol announced the newest version of WinPatrol WAR, an anti-ransom solution that also protects against malware and zero day attacks.

WinPatrol’s Windows Anti-Ransomware solution (WinPatrol WAR) works similarly to an immunization, providing a dose of good malware that detects the behaviors of nefarious malware and ransomware. If a program takes malicious action (typical of malware), it is blocked. This action prevents ransomware from encrypting the computer system. The new release adds enhance features including a new pro-active dashboard. WinPatrol WAR uses a layered approach to security with an artificial intelligence engine to give ransomware and malware a dose of their own medicine, blocking them before they can do any harm.

This new dashboard shows real time program statistics, including:
- Number of Programs discovered, whitelisted programs, programs in quarantine Number of Preemptive, Safe Zone, Network and Protected Registry actions for the day
- The most recent “New” program detected on your computer
- The full path the program most recently blocked.

The dashboard makes all WinPatrol WAR features easily accessible, including the ability to stop/start protection on demand. This release also includes enhancements to program discovery and performance to help ensure WinPatrol WAR does not slow down your computer while providing protection.

Pricing and availability

WinPatrol WAR is available for $19.95 for a single user license, $24.95 for a three user license, and $29.95 for a five user license per year. Lifetime licenses are currently available for a limited time.

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