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Why Emotet’s Latest Wave is Harder to Catch than Ever Before - Part 2

October 2020 by Deep Instinct

Emotet, the largest malware botnet, started in 2014 and continues to be one of the most challenging threats in today’s landscape. This botnet causes huge damage by spreading ransomware and info stealers to its infected systems. Recently, a rise in the number of Emotet infections was observed in France, Japan, and New Zealand. The high number of infections shows the effectiveness of the Emotet malware at staying undetected.

Deep Instinct, the provider of deep learning-powered cybersecurity solutions has conducted extensive research and has uncovered unique finding in their second report on ‘Why Emotet’s Latest Wave is Harder to Catch than Ever Before Part 2’. (Linked here).

They collected reports published by cryptolaemus from July 17th , the beginning of the current wave, until September 3rd. Based on this information 444,000 unique Emotet loaders were generated, with the peak occurring at the end of August.

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