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White Paper – Synerway Virtual Appliance, Synerway’s Backup Solution Embedded into virtual environments

May 2011 by Marc Jacob

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for technological solutions offering both reduced complexity and costs. Virtualization tools enable organisations to exploit maximum value from IT assets and improve operational flexibility.

Synerway understands this paradigm and has created a backup solution which integrates virtual environments, introducing the “Synerway Virtual Appliance”.

The SVA is a complete backup and restoration solution which uses the shared resources of your virtualization infrastructure, should it be VMware or Hyper-V.

This Virtual Appliance has exactly the same feature set as its physical counterpart.

The SVA is a powerful and versatile solution equipped with a stable Linux kernel which shields virus attacks. Backed up data is always encrypted and compressed at source.

The quality of its software components makes for trouble-free backup and restorations task processing. Its user-friendly interface helps to simplify your configuration management and lower the solution’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

To know more about the « Synerway Virtual Appliance »,

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About Synerway :

Synerway, creator of backup appliances, designs, sells and supports the Synerway Appliance range dedicated to global information system protection. Many small businesses, local authorities and multi-site corporations use Synerway Appliances on a daily basis to secure their information system. For more information, visit the

Synerway web site:

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