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Websense Protects the Legrand Group Against Security Risks

September 2008 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Websense, Inc. announced that Legrand, a specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, has chosen Websense® Web Security Suite™ in order to protect its users against security risks and to safeguard its corporate image.

With over 15,000 users worldwide and servers running AS400, Unix and Windows concentrated in three data centers (in Europe, the Americas, and Asia), Legrand needs to manage a very large number of Internet connections, with all the risk that this entails. Previously, the Group managed a few blocked sites manually and had set up local solutions in a few subsidiaries. Websense Web Security Suite will be implemented across the company’s operations.

Websense Web Security Suite allows Legrand to implement an Internet use policy per country and to comply with local regulations. For major countries such as France (with 4,000 users), those policies can also be adapted to local requirements at the various sites by delegating their administration to local managers. This ability to delegate policies is possible thanks to the reporting and alert tools providing the IT Systems Department and senior management with a very clear view of the risks incurred.

Websense Web Security Suite proactively discovers and protects against existing and emerging security threats. It is powered by the Websense® ThreatSeeker™ Network which searches more than one billion piece of Internet content daily for security threats, gives Websense unparalleled visibility into the state of content on the Internet and provides content-aware Web reputation intelligence further extending protection for customers from suspicious Web sites.

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