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Wasabi Certified by Veritas

June 2021 by Marc Jacob

Wasabi announced a new certification by Veritas Technologies, a global leader in data protection, availability, and insights. The new certification provides Veritas Enterprise Vault customers with the opportunity to store, manage and archive data to Wasabi’s low-cost, high-performing, and flexible cloud infrastructure.

Veritas Enterprise Vault is an advanced data management solution that takes the guesswork out of archiving business data. Enterprise Vault targets 100 different content sources—including email, Microsoft Office 365, and Slack—ensuring virtually all communications and content can be captured into a single location and stored efficiently through deduplication and compression. By certifying the use of Wasabi for primary and secondary storage via the S3 protocol, Enterprise Vault users can leverage a hybrid cloud environment enabling more flexible capacity and increased data accessibility anytime, anywhere. Wasabi’s cloud storage is 80% less expensive and faster than first-generation cloud vendors creating great cost efficiencies over on premises storage alone without compromising on performance.

Data stored on Wasabi is treated as hot data, meaning Enterprise Vault customers can archive and quickly access data with faster restores all while viewing and managing through Veritas’ single user interface. Wasabi’s flexible storage capacity without egress fees provide a highly predictable pricing model allowing customers to effectively manage their rapidly changing data storage needs, regardless of whether it’s structured or unstructured.

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