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Vigil@nce: Windows 2008, Vista, IPsec not used

August 2008 by Vigil@nce


The IPsec configuration imported in Windows Server 2008 can be disabled, which permits an attacker to read the contents of network packets.

Gravity: 2/4

Consequences: data reading

Provenance: internet client

Means of attack: no proof of concept, no attack

Ability of attacker: expert (4/4)

Confidence: confirmed by the editor (5/5)

Diffusion of the vulnerable configuration: high (3/3)

Creation date: 13/08/2008

Identifier: VIGILANCE-VUL-8013


- Microsoft Windows 2008
- Microsoft Windows Vista [confidential versions]


The IPsec protocol is used to encrypt and sign network packets.

When an IPsec policy stored in a Windows Server 2003 domain is imported in Windows Server 2008, an error occurs and disables IPsec. The IPsec protocol is thus not used and packets flows in clear form and without authentication.

An attacker can thus for example capture network packets and read their contents.


Identifiers: 953733, CVE-2008-2246, MS08-047, VIGILANCE-VUL-8013

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