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Vigil@nce: Solaris, denial of service of socket

November 2008 by Vigil@nce


A local attacker can use the socket() function in order to panic the system.

Gravity: 1/4

Consequences: denial of service of computer

Provenance: user shell

Means of attack: no proof of concept, no attack

Ability of attacker: expert (4/4)

Confidence: confirmed by the editor (5/5)

Diffusion of the vulnerable configuration: high (3/3)

Creation date: 14/11/2008


- OpenSolaris
- Sun Solaris


The SDP (Sockets Direct Protocol) protocol was defined for InfiniBand hardware (high speed computer bus).

The socket() function creates a communication point which can be of SDP type.

However, if the computer has to InfiniBand bus, closing a SDP socket calls socksdpv_close() of usr/src/uts/common/fs/sockfs/socksdpvnops.c which creates a recursive mutex call and panics the system.

A local attacker can thus use the socket() function in order to panic systems with no InfiniBand hardware.


Identifiers: 242806, 6708602, VIGILANCE-VUL-8248

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