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Vigil@nce: Ruby, multiple vulnerabilites

August 2008 by Vigil@nce


Several vulnerabilities has been discovered in Ruby.

Gravity: 3/4

Consequences: privileged access/rights, denial of service of service

Provenance: user shell

Means of attack: 1 attack

Ability of attacker: technician (2/4)

Confidence: confirmed by the editor (5/5)

Diffusion of the vulnerable configuration: high (3/3)

Creation date: 08/08/2008

Identifier: VIGILANCE-VUL-8005


- Unix - plateform


Safe Level is a variable which determines a level of paranoia in a program. In Ruby several functions are executed with an insufficient level of checking (Safe level too low) [grav:1/4]

The "dl" library doesn’t normalise requests received. It can be used to execute code. [grav:3/4]

"WEBrick::HTTP::DefaultFileHandler" module uses an exponential delay to treat requests, this is due to the utilisation of a regular expression in "WEBrick::HTTPUtils.split_header_value" algorithm. [grav:2/4]

The "resolv.rb" can be used by an attacker to spoof DNS answers. [grav:2/4]


Identifiers: VIGILANCE-VUL-8005

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